Islamabad - The residents in the suburbs of the federal capital have demanded early repair of Sohan-Koral Eastern Service Road, linking Allama Iqbal Town, Khanna, Ghouri Town and Koral localities.

Residents have also demanded to demolish ever increasing encroachments on either side of the road.

Abdul Hannan, a government servant, said that most of the milkmen have occupied the road sides illegally to keep their buffalos there. Mushroom growth of marriage halls on roadside was another hindrance to smooth flow of traffic.

Malik Musawar, a motorist, suggested that service road should be widened and some underpasses be built to accommodate the increasing number of private and public service vehicles. “The drivers have to move zigzag on the worn-out road that endangers themselves and other travellers and pedestrians,” Musawwar told APP. He said children, women and patients are the worst sufferers on this damaged road.

Mushtaq Ahmed an engineer said the road was originally built to run light traffic with a speed up to 50 km per hour but ever since heavy traffic including fully loaded trucks and tractors were allowed to ply on this road, the situation has worsened. He further said craters have rapidly emerged and the traffic now moves at a snail pace causing unnecessary delays.

According to a traffic police official some 10,000 to 15,000 vehicles daily use this Eastern Road, which also links various divided parts of the Islamabad. Many accidents have already occurred due to extremely poor condition of the road’, he added. The CDA should repair road immediately by filling the potholes and install road signs, which are missing all over this road, Misbah Bibi, a woman driver, pointed out. The CDA had done some patchwork to fill the craters, but after recent rains they seem to have washed away, she added.

Syed Kashif Ali, a university student of the area said that construction of a bridge at Sohan Highway Signal (Chowk) is also need of the hour as huge traffic gridlocks are witnessed daily during morning and evening rush hours.

A senior official of the engineering wing of the civic body told APP that Eastern Service Road from Sohan to Koral would automatically be repaired as a part of Islamabad highway expansion plan.

He informed that under the Islamabad High way expansion project, the 24km-long Highway from Zero Point to Rawat will be expanded to five lanes. It involves building six interchanges – full cloverleaf interchanges at I-8, Khanna and Koral Chowk, a partial cloverleaf interchange and an intersection at GT Road and another intersection at Sohan as well as upgrading of the existing Faizabad Interchange.

“The existing Faizabad Interchange will be completely rehabilitated and additional loops and ramps will be added to it,” he further added.