ISLAMABAD - Bad news for challengers as Faryal Talpur is going nowhere and will continue to ‘contribute positively’ in the Pakistan People’s Party affairs.

“This issue has not been even touched officially. There have been some off-the-record complaints that have been rubbished. She is not going anywhere and will continue to play her role,” said a senior PPP leader, who attended the two back-to-back party meetings in Dubai.

“On the record, no one is ready to say a word against Faryal Talpur. Behind the scene a few people wish to see her in a shell. Asif Ali Zardari is satisfied with her performance and wants her to keep giving her inputs where needed,” he told The Nation.

The PPP leader said, Zardari and Bilawal Zardari have not seriously considered any complaint against Faryal Talpur so far.

“She remains the president of the PPP’s women wing and in that capacity she has a role to play. Even if in the party reshuffle in the future, she is replaced, she will continue to be a senior leader. If a few people want to see her back, there are so many who support her – importantly the top party leadership,” he maintained.

“For the time being, we are not even disturbing the provincial office bearers. We will wait till the Local Government elections and maybe some changes are made before or after the polls,” he contended.

Faryal Talpur is Zardari’s sister. She became a member of National Assembly in 2008 and was in office till 2013. She again won her seat in 2013 and remains a member of the lower house of the parliament.

On Saturday and Sunday, important meetings of the PPP - chaired by Asif Ali Zardari and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari - were held in Dubai.

Party leaders from the four provinces including former Prime Ministers Yousaf Raza Gilani and Raja Pervez Ashraf, attended the meeting.

The party discussed ideas to revive the party in the Punjab province ahead of the LG polls to see an improved performance.

The PPP also hashed out a strategy to pull the plug on the ongoing crackdown by federal agencies in Sindh. The PPP leaders agreed to increase the cooperation with the Pakistan army in the continued war against terrorism.

PPP leaders said that the party will hold rallies in 10 districts of Punjab and five in Sindh. The PPP leaders also put on cards a potential bid to introduce a bill in Sindh Assembly to whittle down the powers of the Rangers in the province.

Anxious over incessant arrests of political bigwigs in Sindh, the PPP leaders brainstormed the question to stop the trend.

Another PPP leader, privy to the meetings, said, the party will give the government a tough time in and outside the parliament if the rulers do not give up the ‘victimisation policy.’

Regarding Faryal Talpur, he said, “She is a respected leader and no one raised finger at her during the sittings. This all is only in the media. There is nothing against her in the party. Some people might have different views but nobody has asked to curtail her role.”

Asked for comments, PPP lawmaker Nazir Ahmed Bughio said, “Faryal Talpur has a standing in the party and we all respect her.”

He rejected the notion that Faryal Talpur was behind the PPP’s declining popularity in the Punjab province. “Yes, the party did not do better in Punjab but it is not due to Faryal Talpur. She has been playing her role well,” the legislator observed.

The lawmaker said, there is only a small group of people who was raising voice against Faryal Talpur. “I don’t know if any senior member has spoken against her. There is only a small group who want reshuffle at all levels. There suggestions are being considered by the leadership and of course changes would be made where necessary,” he mentioned.