LAHORE - The central Zuljanah procession emerged from Nisar Haveli inside Mochi Gate late Thursday night amid elaborate security arrangements.

The procession will culminate at Karbala Gamey Shah near Data Darbar in the evening on Friday (today) after passing through traditional route.

Scores of mourning processions will join the main one at various points. The procession will cover the traditional route of Mohallah Chehel Bibian, Imambargah Syed Wajid Ali Shah, Imambargah Syed Mehdi Shah, Chowk Nawab Sahib, Koocha Qazi Khan, Imambargah Moulvi Feroze Ali, Koocha Miskeenan, Mohallah Pir Gilanian, Imambargah Syed Rajab Ali Shah, Chohata Mufti Baqar, Chowk Purani Kotwali, Kashmiri Bazar, Sunehri Masjid, Dabbi Bazar, Sooha Bazar, Gumti Bazaar, Rang Mehal, Said Mitha Bazar, Tehsil Bazar, Bazaar Hakiman, Unchi Masjid and Bhaati Chowk before culminating at Karbala Gamey Shah by Maghrib prayers. Mourners will observe Matam (flagellation) with chains and knives at several points on the route.

Noted zakirs will narrate sufferings of Ahle-e-Bait and highlight the significance of great sacrifice rendered by Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) and his companions at Majlis-e-Shaam-e-Ghariban after Isha prayers.

Prior to the start of the procession, Majlis-e-Aza was held at Nisar Haveli where renowned zakir narrated masaibs of Hazrat Imam Hussain and his companions in Karbala. Huge number of chest-beating mourners participated in the Majlis and later joined the procession.

Public sector hospitals have already put on alert to cope with any emergency.

Mourning activities reached their peak on Thursday with various organizations arranging Zuljanah, Alam and Tazia processions in different parts of the City. Prominent among these was one taken from Pando Street in Islampura which culminated at the starting place (Pando Street) after covering designated route. The procession passed through Aabpara Chowk, Secretariat, Old Anarkali and reached Khaima-e-Sadaat where small processions joined. After a Majlis-e-Aza at Khaima-e-Sadaat, the procession returned to Pando Street while passing through the same route. Hundreds of mourners participated while beating their chests to express grief over the martyrdom of grandson of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), his companions and sufferings of Ahle Bait. The procession taken out from Shadman culminated at Qasar-e-Batool after passing through designated route. Dozens of mourners observed zanjirzani on the culmination of procession at Qasr-e-Batool.

Another procession was taken out from Hunza Block Allama Iqbal Town. After passing through designated route, the procession returned to Hunza Block where mourners walked on burning coals. Police escorts, Rescue1122 Ambulances, Civil Defense personnel and Bomb Disposal Squad accompanied the processions from their starts to the culmination. Various organisations and individuals distributed Niaz (free food) among the participants of processions. A large number of Sabeels of juices, milk and water were set up along the routes of processions to facilitate the mourners. All markets and businesses were closed to facilitate the procession. Law enforcement agencies sealed the entire route and participants were allowed entry after passing through walk-through gates and thorough body search.