LAHORE:-Every year financially struggling immigrants from Pakistan cross borders illegally through Iran, Turkey to enter Europe in search for better employment opportunities but unknowingly end up into a pit-hole of never ending poverty and struggle.

Hassan Zaidi believes we all carry responsibility in this world, and as a responsible filmmaker, his documentary film “Dunkey, Following European Dreams” is an attempt to aware people living in Pakistan who are planning to migrate to Europe illegally that actual reality is quite opposite to what they have imagined and to show the real image what the go thorough will crossing borders which eventually end up in endless exertion.

“Dunkey Following European Dreams” has been selected to be premiered at 14th International Tasveer Film Festival, on October 05, 2019 in Seattle, America.

Previously it has been screened at 4th edition of International Film Festival “Human Rights through Cinematography”, jointly organized by United Nations Pakistan and Delegation of European Union from November 25, 2019, to December 10, 2018.