General Kayani has announced withdrawal of Army from Sui and Gwadar and also has assured that in future no operation will take place in Balochistan without the permission of the provincial government. Army has completed nation building task in Balochistan contributing to the development of the province. Four thousand personnel joined different ranks of the army last year. Now this month, more five thousands would join the army. Educational centre, at Sui, has been set up while Army Medical College at Gwadar would be established soon. The politicians of Balochistan often voiced concerns about the presence of army in the province. Army cantonment areas weakens feudals hold on the masses and subsequently, feudal lords discourage the people from joining the army. Army is subordinate to the civilian government but unfortunately, our politicians keep on calling the army for intervention. It were politicians who garlanded Generals warmly and backed unconstitutional step of toppling the civilian government by General Ayub Khan. Bhutto kept General Zia-ul-Haq with him during his meeting with the opposition. Again, our parliament gave Zia and Musharrafs rules constitutional protection. Military rule is beneficial for feudal lords and Sardars of Pakistan. Number of National Assembly seats were increased during the regimes of Zia and Musharaf to benefit such classes. Political leaders must establish writ of the government over the army. Its only possible when our political leadership is endowed with the spirit of honesty and sacrifices and not bent on looting all the resources available in the country. Political system needs overhauling to maintain supremacy of law and bring culprit to justice. Corrupt, convicted and fake degree holders cannot pull the nation out of disaster neither can establish political supremacy over other institutions. Weak political system is vulnerable to army intervention. No one is responsible for fall of political system but politicians themselves. General Kayani has confined military to its professional role. Army has to concentrate on its duties of defending the country and leave political matters to the politicians. Army should not be called for maintaining law and order situation but police and other civil institutions should shoulder the responsibility. PEERZADAH ABDUL HAFEEZ, Multan, April 21.