Dr A.H. Khayal The English language has a phrase which is meant to test the stupidity of the Pakistani learners of English. The law of the jungle is the phrase. Whether the phrase was originally manufactured by some John Bull, or was borrowed by the English from some foreign language, is a matter which concerns only the etymologists. So far as Pakistan is concerned, the phrase has spread misinformation amongst the Pakistani learners of English. The phrase is intended to make the unwary Pakistani believe that the jungle is a place where complete lawlessness reigns, or, in other words, the only law which prevails in the jungle is the law of naked muscle power. Unfortunately, the simple-minded Pakistani has been completely duped by the deceptive phrase. He has come to believe that the jungle is indeed a realm where brute force rules supreme. The phrase is a horrific distortion of facts. If at all in our world there exists unbiased, equitable, fair and impartial justice, it exists only in the jungle. There is no law like the law of the jungle. Every creature of the jungle must obey the jungle law or perish. No jungle creature can flout the law of the jungle with impunity. Only the city law can be thus flouted. The city law makes a mockery of itself by granting the city law authorities relaxational and discretionary powers. There is no relaxation of rules in the jungle, no discretionary loot. In the jungle, both the dove and the lion are at the mercy of one and the same inexorable law. It is only the city lion which is above law of the city. The city law, under the garb of mercy dispensation, can set free convicted criminals. There is no mercy dispensation available in the jungle. It is only in the city that some of the criminals are granted special favours, while others are not. In the jungle dictionary, the word 'special does not figure. The law of the city is made by man. It keeps changing. Each change is designed to augment the affluence of the powerful and the misery of the masses. The eternal law of the jungle knows no social or economic or political discriminations. On the contrary, the law of the city is a satanic caste system through and through. The animals are contented with the law of the jungle. Had they been discontented, they would have fled to the cities. Man has been discontented with the law of the city. Human history tells us about numerous human beings, who were discontented with the law of the city and who fled to the jungle in search of spiritual solace. The law of the city allows gigantic economic disparity between the city lion and the city rat, between the city eagle and the city sparrow, between the city boa-constrictor and the city snail etc. If brute force is the law of the jungle, the brute money is the law of the city. What the brute force does in the jungle, the brute money does in the city. The eagle kills the sparrow. The ban on recruitment kills the jobless in the city. Animals kill animals only under dire biological necessity. The ban on recruitment is imposed just for fun. Man is a fun-loving creature. A comparative study of the jungle-history and the city-history reveals the appalling fact that the number of humans killed by humans has far exceeded the number of animals killed by animals. The law of the jungle was not made by the animals. It was imposed upon them by a cosmic power. The bloodshed in the jungle is not imputable to the animals. The animals do not kill. It is the cosmic power which kills. Man can get away with any sort of crime in the city, if he has the right sort of political influence. This is possible only because the city law is man-made law. In the city, 'corruption gets power and absolute corruption gets absolute power. If at all there is equality of law in the world it is in the jungle. The city law is a bestial caste system. The city place is the Brahman. The city slum is the Sudra. The citizens of the jungle have a strictly identical lifestyle. Lion, the emperor of the jungle, moves about barefooted like all the other animals. He does not use automobiles to distinguish himself from the other animals. He is always as mother naked as all the other animals. He does not wear royal robes. When the emperor falls sick he does not fly to America for medical treatment. He dies as the other animals die. What a justice To hell with the phrase the law of the jungle. The phrase must be burnt and the ashes thrown all over England. n The writer is an academic.