US Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen has accused the ISI of maintaining ties to militants in Afghanistan. Speaking during an interview to a private TV channel, he said that the most difficult part of the US-Pakistan relationship was its maintaining links to the Haqqani network and its perceived foot-dragging on the desired operation in Waziristan because of this. Admiral Mullen has made it clear that the source of all the canards about ISI, and thus official Pakistani association with mujahideen groups arose from the Pentagon, whose most senior military officer he is. He has merely repeated once again the old accusations about the ISI being involved in what he called Haqqani supporting, funding, training, fighters that are killing Americans and other coalition partners. And I have a sacred obligation to make sure that doesnt happen. This shows that the Pentagon is concerned about its impending defeat in Afghanistan, and wants to spread around the blame. At present, the US administration does not feel it is enough to blame Pakistan Armys failure to launch an operation in Waziristan for its own defeat in Afghanistan. It must put the blame on the ISI too, for its support to Haqqani network. The USA apparently does not consider that the spy network it has put in place in Pakistan, and the alliance it has built for Afghanistan, is enough to achieve its aims, which include making the entire region safe for American exploitation of Central Asian hydrocarbon resources. It is clear enough that the cooperation of Pakistan is essential to this occupation of Afghanistan, but the USA, through Admiral Mullen, is willing to risk it, by making such baseless accusations. This should be proof even to those who have forgotten the fate of General (retd) Pervez Musharraf, removed from the Presidency and sent into exile, that the USA does not value those who try to do its bidding, and only pays attention to results. The USA is paying no attention to the numerous sacrifices the Pakistani military made in the war on terror, and is placing reliance on propaganda whose ultimate source is in New Delhi. And as Admiral Mullen showed, not just placing reliance on Indian propaganda, but also repeating it with its own imprimatur. This should be reason enough, if any more was needed that the inclination of the people of Pakistan to end our participation in an unpopular war must be respected. Our association, which far from winning any support, has only brought a slew of false allegations.