Interior Minister Rehman Malik Sunday said that Bhoja Air was issued a license to operate flights during the government of the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N. Talking to media in Islamabad Malik said that the names of all the indiduals involved in Bhoja Air crash are put on the ECL list. Farooq Bhoja is detained for investigations and a joint FIA-Police team is conducting investigations of the crash, he added. Moreover, Malik said that Farooq Bhoja, the supposed owner of Bhoja Air, only holds five per cent shares of the airline while the rest of shares are owned by other stakeholders. It would be investigated who gave permission for such an old aircraft to fly, he added. Rehman Malik said names of six people who own Bhoja airline have been added to the exit control list (ECL). He said also a message has been sent to one of the partners Jalil and his wife to return back to country. He said that the judicial commission would investigate the incident from each and every angle and the recovery of the Voice Box would provide important information. He said that cases would be registered against those who took off jewellery off women and stole other stuff from the scene of crash. The airline was first permitted to operate flights in Pakistan in 1992, he said. He said the government will take action after the completion of inquiry by the judicial commission.