Two World War II-era hand grenades were discovered in a shipment of potatoes from Germany being unloaded at a Greek processing plant, police said.

Greek police say they’ve launched a preliminary investigation into the incident at the Atalanti factory in the Northern Attica region, or about a two-hour drive north of Athens, where the first rusty grenade, minus its detonator, was found by workers who heard a unique sound during the potatoes’ pre-wash stage, the Athens-Macedonian News Agency reported.

After workers on the night shift discovered a second grenade in the same shipment the plant was shut down and police were called.

The grenades were inactive. Bomb-disposal experts arrived to neutralize the weapons, the news agency said.

This incident is sure to raise anti-German sentiment in the country already at a high pitch since the imposition of austerity measures in Greece in 2010.

Many Greeks blame Germany, and in particular, Chancellor Angela Merkel, for what they feel to be oppressive measures against them.  Unemployment is nearly 22% in Greece and salaries and pensions have been greatly reduced as a result of the austerity laws.

Yet many economists insists that these measures are necessary to bring Greece’s economy in line with European standards.

In recent months there have been demonstrations in front of the Germany Embassy in Athens, with Greek protestors dressed as Nazi officers.

German residents in Athens have also felt hostility towards them. German tourists’ bookings are down as a result, further hurting the economy of Greece, as Germans make up one of the largest groups of visitors to the Mediterranean nation.                                           –Agencies