This is probably for the first time that an American newspaper, New York Times has criticised Indian missile Agni-5 test apprehending that it would lead to an arms race in the South Asian region. This missile is capable of hitting targets up to 5,000 kilometres,  thereby meaning, that it could hit Beijing and Shanghai, the two major Chinese cities. With successful test, India has now entered into the list of countries possessing long-range missile systems. The list includes China, Britain, France, Russia, Israel and the United States. The US, which is the champion of Nuclear Non-Proliferation and has all along been critical of Pakistan’s advancement in the nuclear technology, has never raised any objection to New Delhi’s ambitious nuclear programme. It did not say a word when India in 1998 conducted nuclear explosions. But it raised hell when Pakistan responded by doing the same. And in the near past, it signed a civil nuclear cooperation agreement with India, which is a blatant violation of Washington’s NPT philosophy. Under United Nation’s Resolution No 1172, India and Pakistan are bound not to manufacture missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. The question is should India develop such lethal weapons of mass destruction, while majority of its people live below the poverty line? It is high time the Western powers gave up diplomacy based on double standards and treat Pakistan and India on a par, since both the countries cooperate with it in an equal measure. At the same time, the UN must ensure that India does not freely violate all international norms.