ISLAMABAD  - Lack of tube well and filtration plant has added to the miseries of the residents of Dheri Hassan Abdal.

This is a thickly populated area but it stands deprived of water supply facility and sanitation facilities.

The entire area is depicting the scene of Karbala as clean drinking water has become a rarity with us, said Gulzar Ahmad, a teacher. No tube well has been installed by the concerned department considering us second rate citizens, said Muhammad Sharif, a shop keeper.

“We are forced to drink contaminated water as no filtration plant has been built in the area, therefore, every one is victim of abdominal diseases,” said Ghulam Fatima, a house wife.

“We use water from filthy ponds where the animals drink water. What a miserable life we are living due to non-availability of facility of clean drinking water. Even the elected representatives are paying no heed to our pitiable plight,” said a group of government employees. The residents demanded immediate installation of tube well and filtration plant in the area otherwise they will be constrained to hold protest demonstrations.