LAHORE (PR) – “American President Obama’s victory is necessary and constructive for Pakistan in the forthcoming election of United States. President Obama always remains with the Pakistan and Muslims.”

In his address, Federal Committee Member and leader of PPP Nazim Hussain Shah said during his visit at the shrine of Hazrat Yaqoob Zanjani that in this situation Muslims should think and work for unity and betterment. We should not forget our friends and those countries that helped us in the past.

In any critical situation like earthquake, flood or war against terrorism America is always standing with us so we should admire these efforts and its friendship from the bottom of our hearts.

He also appreciated the efforts of Cameron Minter who is plying a vital role for the good relation between America and Pakistan. In the last, he prayed for the progress and betterment of Pakistan and for historical victory of Obama in up coming elections.