PCB has categorically denied that it was planning to invite any international cricket team to Pakistan. The chief operating officer of PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board), Subhan Ahmad has informed media that even the visit of Bangladesh Cricket team seemed to be in jeopardy, and the issue seemed to be a closed chapter, ever since Bangladesh High Court issued its 4-week stay order for the visit. “ A few more years of wait seems inevitable for any international cricket team to visit Pakistan”, he said, adding that, instead all focus would be on holding Pakistan premier league matches. He deliberated that Bangladesh cricket team was supposed to be touring Pakistan in conjunction with ICC future tour program, which could materialize in July. He also disclosed that with Bangladesh Cricket Board’s Chief executive Nizam Chaudhry had expressed his dire regrets about the termination of Bangladesh Cricket team’s visit during talks. The PCB official said that efforts were underway to top sponsors, who should be able to lure all major cricketers to Pakistan. “Presentations have been given, while some companies have been invited for their presentations, next week. He also announced that Premier league would be held in October, participated by foreign players, and this should/would help dispel any negative impressions bout Pakistan.