PML-N President Nawaz Sharif has said that no one would be allowed to protect the looted national wealth under the garb of democracy. Talking to PML-N’s US based leaders Dr Khalid Luqman and Shakila Luqman at his Raiwind residence on Sunday, Nawaz Sharif inept and corrupt rulers have destroyed the country  and unemployment, price hike,electricity and gas load shedding  have made the lives of people miserable.  He said Pakistanis living in different parts of the world were worried about this state of affairs in their country. Nawaz Sharif praised overseas Pakistanis for their contributions to the otherland and building its image abroad. On the other hand, the PML-N leader said the rulers are least worried about the country and its poor people. “There is corruption all around and as a result problems of the people are increasing day by day: Nawaz observed. He said the rulers were trying to save their plundered money under the pretext of democracy but the people would foil all such attempts and they would have to bring back the looted money.