ISLAMABAD – Residents of G-9 Karachi Company have protested against rising immoral activities in so-called ‘Lungar Khana’ in the area.

A Lungar Khana has been illegally set up near our residential quarters in the name of distributing free meal to the needy and poor persons.

For this purpose a room has been built illegally. In the name of charity the organizers are indulged in immoral activities, said residents of the area.

The whole day long and till late night, the drug addicts and other anti social elements continue to visit and sit in this room and remain engaged in puffing out charas packed cigarettes and flinging indecent remarks, said Naeem Ahmad, a resident.

“Whenever we pass near the Lungar Khana to move to the market, the addicts sitting therein start shouting obscene and indecent remarks on us. They try to chase us and intercept us, said a group of ladies.

The residents demanded the concerned authorities for immediate uprooting the illegal Lungar Khana besides taking action against those patronizing the evil activities therein.