RAWALPINDI  - Travels agents have unleashed loot and plunder spree by overcharging Umra and Haj pilgrims.

Through wrong information in package about provision of residence and transport facilities, they extort heavy amount from the pilgrims. They are also looting the pilgrims in terms of price of the ticket. These agents tempt the intending pilgrims by assuring that they would be provided residence at the distance of 4 or 5 kilometre from Harram Sharif but the pilgrims are shocked to see that the residence is located at far off distance.  As per Saudi government law, Umra visa is not issued to any male below the age limit of 40 years without family but the agents know the tactics how to convert a non-mahram into Mahram in return for money.  Through fake papers these agents show any male and female as mother in law and son in law.

The citizens demanded strict action against the travels agents found involved in overcharging the pilgrims in addition to cancellation of their licenses.