KHARKIV, Ukraine - Ukraine’s jailed opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko started receiving back pain treatment in hospital on Saturday after missing the controversial start of a new trial for tax fraud. Witnesses cited by local media said two ambulances and four police cars arrived at the women’s prison in the eastern city of Kharkiv where she is serving a seven-year sentence and took her away late Friday. “After reviewing the conclusions of German doctors, Tymoshenko expressed a desire to begin treatment in the clinic that was proposed for her... in the city of Kharkiv,” the Ukrainian prison service said.

 in a statement.

The flamboyant but divisive 2004 Orange Revolution leader was convicted of abuse of office for negotiating a gas deal with Russia while prime minister in 2009 that the new administration says was disadvantageous for Ukraine.

She was sentenced last October at the end of a high-profile trial that was watched closely by strongly critical diplomats from Europe and the United States.

The case cast a shadow over Ukraine’s nascent relations with the European Union and prevented the signing of a partnership agreement the ex-Soviet nation hopes to secure before eventually winning membership in the bloc.