MIRPUR (AJK)-People across Azad Jammu & Kashmir Monday staged protests against the forced holding of Indian general elections in Indian-held Jammu & Kashmir against the aspirations and wishes of people of the internationally-acknowledged disputed Himalayan state.

Call for the AJK-wide strike was given by the AJK Prime Minister. The day was marked with mass public rallies, attended by people from all segments of civil society, in all small and major towns in AJK including the capital city Muzaffarabad, Mirpur Rawalakot and other district and tehsil headquarters to express resentment against unabated blatant violations of international norms and commitments by India through staging mock elections drama in the disputed occupied Jammu & Kashmir territory. The objective of holding of AJK-wide protest rallies and demonstrations was also to invite attention of the international community towards the importance of early peaceful settlement to Kashmir issue through grant of the right to self-determination in line with the UN resolutions.

In Mirpur, hundreds of people from all walks of life including traders, lawyers, journalists, social and political workers, employees of private and public sector organizations brought out procession from district court premises. The protest was staged under the auspices of the National Events Organizing Committee. City Administrator Ghulam Rasool Awami, Chairman of the Committee Ch. Muhammad Tariq, Vice chairman Ch Amjad Iqbal, DBA President Ch Khalid Rasheed, DNGO President Ch Gulzar Ali, Presidents and Secretary Generals of their respective factions of Markazi Anjuman-e-Tajran Sohail Shujah Mujahid, Ch Muhammad Naeem, Raja Khalid Mahmood Khan, Kashmir Press Club President Syed Abid Hussain Shah and others led the procession which turned into rally on the District Court premises.

Through various unanimously passed resolutions on the occasion, the rally declared that the ongoing forcibly-imposed farcical Indian general elections drama in Indian held state of Jammu Kashmir will clearly prove to be another abortive attempt aimed at to mislead the external world, following the complete boycott of the sham polls by the Kashmiri people as they always boycotted all similar the elections in the occupied state. "Elections in occupied Jammu Kashmir can never be the substitute of the right of self determination of the Kashmiris", it said.

The congregation declared through the resolution that the people of occupied Jammu Kashmir have already expressed their fullest hatred against India, time and again, by totally staying off the similar mock elections dramas in the Indian held Kashmir by totally boycotting the so-called polls held several times in the past as well. The rally expressed fullest solidarity with the brethren in occupied Jammu Kashmir in their unanimous decision of boycotting the Indian elections being staged at gun point by the Indian occupation forces.