Lahore -No lawn brand is more indivisibly linked to workingwomen than Mausummery - the reason being their sophisticated yet trendy designs, wide color palette and reasonable price range. The brand has gained the admiration of young girls and women across the country that remain loyal Mausummerycustomers every season. Being a pioneer in the designer lawn industry, the Mausummery has not compromised on quality over the years that is why their collections in particular are some of the most highly awaited by lawn customers. They are also very quickly sold out, as is the case with Volume 1 of the Mausummery Summer 2014 collection. Volume 2 has now been launched at their stores nationwide. 

While designer lawn fever has hit maddening heights in the past couple of years, with the prices climbing drastically higher, the Mausummery has remained true to their price range which is also one of their major selling points. In addition, while other designers may prefer to be merely business-minded, Mausummery has assured that they hold on to their artistic integrity by offering beautiful designs at affordable prices. Mausummery came into existence as a textile brand in 1997 under the vision of Ayesha Ahmed Mansoor. The business aspect of the brand has been looked after by Mr Mansoor Nawaz who has constructed a successful business model for the brand. Mausummery has set standards for several other textile giants to follow, owing to their supreme quality of fabric, use of various innovative design techniques as well as local embroideries, and a unique color palette.