MUMBAI - BIPIN DANI - The Mudgal probe panel has approached senior counsel Gopal Subramanium as amicus curiae for the Supreme Court hearing on IPL fixing, it is learnt here. An amicus curiae (also known as "friend of the court") is someone who is not a party to a case and also not been hired by any of the parties but who offers information that bears on the case and only assist the court.

According to the Delhi-based sources in Supreme Court, Subramanium will personally present and handover the audio tapes to the court when the civil appeal between the Indian cricket board and the Bihar Cricket Association comes up for hearing on Tuesday.

"The tapes will be produced before the Supreme Court and the two judges will decide whether to make the contents of the audio tapes be made public", the source added.  Interestingly, the role of Subramanium will be limited for one day and it is likely to be an honorary one.

The Supreme Court In its last order, a copy of which is in our possession had given an option to the Mudgal probe committee. "The Probe Committee may engage a counsel of their choice to make submissions on the question as to whether the portions of the audio records mentioned in the interlocutory application are available with the Probe Committee and if so, whether this Court can direct production of the audio recordings", the copy of the order released by two Court Masters, (1) Nidhi Ahuja and (2) Sharda Kapoor have noted.

Sundar Raman was asked to appear before panel twice

Sundar Raman, the Indian Premier League (IPL) Chief Operating Officer was invited to appear before the Mudgal Probe panel twice, it is learnt here.  According to the sources close to the BCCI, the Supreme Court directed Mudgal probe committee, comprising three members-Mukul Mudgal (Chairman), Nilay Dutta and L. Nagershwar Rao interviewed Sundar Raman first on November 15 and one month later again on December 18 last year.

"In his first interaction with the probe panel, the information relating to the functioning of IPL was gathered. However, when his role was further required to be investigated, he was called again", the source added. Sundar Raman's two depositions before the probe panel have been recorded in the last Supreme Court order (seen by us) which is signed by two Court Masters, (1) Nidhi Ahuja and (2) Sharda Kapoor. 

"There were few more people who were asked to appear before the panel more than once, however the names of these people can't be disclosed", the gentleman added. According to the other sources, the police party appeared before the panel on different occasions. "Mumbai police officials were invited twice", the source added.