HAFIZABAD-A young married woman, resident of Qila Chadhran who was sold out by her in-laws to the owner of a prostitution den in Karachi about eight months ago has succeeded in running away from the clutches of the owner.

On her report, on the orders of the DPO, the Jalalpur Bhattian Police have registered a case under Sections 367/376 (i), 371-A&B PPc against the accused but the police have so far failed to arrest any of the accused.

According to FIR, Samina Bibi, a resident of Qila Chadhran was married off to Munawar, a resident of Dhuni village about six years ago. However, after sometime relation between the couple become strained and she settled with her parents. In the meanwhile the couple was reconciled by elders of both the families and the girl returned to her husband's house. But Munawar, his brother Muhammad Sarwar and sister Maqsoodan Bibi took her to Karachi where they sold her to Samina Pathani for Rs1,30,000, who is running a prostitution den. In the meantime, after going through worst ordeal during the past eight months, she managed to escape from the clutches of owner of the den and reached Hafizabad where she reported her woeful story to the DPO.

The victim has appealed to the DPO, RPO and the Punjab Chief Minister to order arrest the accused and give them stringent punishment.