lahore-The CEO of TDAP SM Muneer has said that serious reforms have been initiated to bring TDAP back on track to achieve exports target of $ 50 billion.

He said this while on a visit to Pakistan Carpet Manufacturers & Exporters Association. . PCMEA Chairman Akhtar Nazir Cooki, vice chairman Kamran Razi and the executive committee member greeted him.

He said that government is in process of bringing positive changes in rules and business environment to enhance the export in collaboration with the industry. Muneer said that energy crisis and some other issues have been obstructing economic development and exports. SM Muneer assured business community that he would discharge his responsibilities honestly and advised business community to bring their issues related to TDAP in his knowledge.

Speaking on the occasion, PCMEA chairman Akhtar Nazir Cooki said that delay in resolution of problems cast negative shadow on development process which can be resolved through a proper mechanism. He said that TDAP should focus on enhancing exports to China, the world’s largest export market while promoting export-oriented industry and technical skills.

The carpet sector cannot benefit from the duty-free access to EU market under GSP Plus status unless the government restores zero-rated regime for export-oriented carpet industry to help ease its liquidity flow. A significant ratio of working capital of carpet exporters is already stuck-up in refund regime at a time when the carpet exports have already declined to $120 million from $300 million. Akhtar Nazir Khan Cooki and vice chairman (NZ) Kamran Razi, raising the demand of zero rating, said the government should bring in necessary reforms and give special status to export-oriented carpet industry allowing zero-rating facility. Being mainstay of the economy and major stakeholder in forex earnings, export-oriented carpet sector should be given special status, they demanded. Cooki said that Prime Minister Youth Business Loan Scheme can help create 13,000 jobs in the carpet industry by setting up small manufacturing units of 5 to 10 handlooms in rural areas. PCMEA Chairman Akhtar Nazir Khan Cooki said that PCMEA was ready to offer its volunteer services to scrutinize real and eligible weavers, suggesting that loans for carpet sector might be disbursed through exporters to ensure payback of loans.

The PCMEA Chairman urged the government to allocate an amount of Rs1 billion for Hand knotted Carpet Industry to create 13,000 jobs for this under-privileged segment of society.

While, the PCMEA Vice Chairman (NC) Kamran Razi added that the process of hand-made carpet was quite lengthy and extremely slow, adding that loans to the poor hand-knotted carpets manufacturers should be provided on only 3 percent service charges, as the 100 percent exportable hand-made carpets provided livelihood to more than one million people in remote areas. They demanded representation on the Board of Export Development Funds, because the hand knotted carpet industry is one of the most important export-oriented industry of Pakistan.

Meanwhile, SM Muneer during his visit to LCCI declared that the Authority would be purged of work shirkers to turn it into a corporate entity having close coordination and liaison with all the chambers of commerce in the country. He said that the institution would be revamped to ensure that no one dares to flout the rules. I will purge corrupt elements and convert the entity from a bureaucratic institution to a true business organisation. SM Muneer said that all efforts were being put in place to make the TDAP a world class organization to facilitate the business community and educate the government on economic challenges. He said that being a businessman himself he well understands the problems being faced by the exporters and had already taken a number of steps to this regard.