There is a popular game called “Word Association”, the format of the game is that a person is given some random word and that person speaks out the associated word that come bluntly into his mind. This game actually reveals a person’s subconscious and gives the idea of that person’s thinking regarding a certain thing or point.

What if the word given is “PAKISTAN”? What would be the words that might come to your mind after listening it? I have been trying to look for people’s answer to it for a while.

So what comes to your mind? May be Poverty? Terrorism? War? Blasts? Discrimination? Flies? Garbage piles? Illiteracy? Chaos? Oppressed women? Corruption? Electricity breakdown?  Marshal laws? Women abuse? Child labor? Deaths? Fights? Feudalism?   Or in the current scenario Drought? Famine? Starvation? Malnutrition? Or might it be Match fixing, Debt, ajmal kasaab or Osama?

To be honest the situation is quite painful but yet it is true and the truth is the bitterest in this scenario. But why not see the other side too? Why not examine the half full part of the glass? This is not it, this is not Pakistan, and this is just a glimpse of the wrong things that are happening, a mere portion. The thing that you actually find disturbing is that why you find the negativity only? It’s alright if someone’s pointing out the negative points but why the positive ones are being ignored?.

Keep your face to the sunshine and you will not see the shadow. Of course the shadows cannot be ignored but why let the sunshine be blocked by them.  In any case we should not disregard the positive points that we have, especially in the current situation when unity, faith, tolerance and integrity are required, the hope must live, even the slightest ray of hope is needed to be preserved and potted.

We have a lot of things to eulogize, why is it that while hearing the word PAKISTAN related words and phrases like the land of pure, rich culture and history, nuclear power, Female Prime Minister and speaker, large military force, highest mountain peak, sweetest fruits, Edhi services, largest irrigation system, Karakoram highway, don’t comes to their mind? Or why not the independent media, fast acting judiciary or the Faisal Mosque?  Or why is it not the Land of Music legends, Martyrs, Arfa Kareem, MM ALam, Dr Abdul Salam or Saeed Ajmal?

Yes, we are in a condition of chaos but we are improving, we might have poverty but we have the most giving people, we might have illiteracy here but we have desire for education, we might face terrorism but we still go out fearlessly, some of our women might be oppressed but laws are being made for their safeguard and we have had our Female prime Minister and Speaker in the past, We might have gone through Marshal Law but we  always return to democracy, our cities might have piles of garbage or flies but we also have the most beautiful malls, fountains, Roads and sea shores.

We have difficulties, flaws and issues, but again which country on this earth doesn’t? The point is that we are improving or at least making an effort to. Our country is one of the most wonderful countries in the world; it has all the seasons and landscape. In last five years our literacy rate has been increasing more than any other country, We are the first Islamic Nuclear power, Our national Anthem’s tune ranks first in the world, Our country is notable for having the best trained air force pilots in the world, we have had hero’s like MM Alam who shot 5 planes in less than a minute, we have the world’s highest paved International Road in the name of Karakoram Highway, We have the seventh largest pool of scientists and engineers and we have the sixth largest military force of the world.

Why discuss Maula Jutt when we have wonders like “Khuda kay Liye”. Why discuss Muhammad Asif when we have Saeed Ajmal. Why discuss Veena Malik when we have Shan or why discuss Taliban when we have our Pak Army. Yes we have flaws but we have perfections as well.

While you were busy criticizing Pakistan, a Pakistani Ahmed Khattak built a $ 35 million company, selling unlocked phones in US, Pakistani startup raised $5 million from venture capitalist and Pakistani scientist was featured on leading American journal. Pakistan has 2nd largest salt mine, 5th largest gold mine, 5th largest coal mine and 7th largest copper mine in the world. Pakistan is the 11th largest wheat producer, 12th largest rice producer and 5th largest milk producer of the world. Pakistan has Geo-Strategic location, trained workforce, economic outlook, investment policies and financial markets. Our province like Baluchistan contains the large deposits of metallic and non metallic minerals like coal, chromites, Barytes, Sulphur, Marble, Iron ore, Quartzite and Limestone. Our province like Khyber Pakhtunkhwa contains places that has the sight of heaven on Earth and contains large oil and gas reservoirs. Our province like Sindh contains gigantic seaports and enormous deposits of oil, gas and coal. Our province like Punjab has the finest crops, sweetest fruits and prime industries. Allah has blessed our Pak Land with endless resources all we need to do is to try and work on them.

Pakistan is not less than anything, we might be facing the difficult time but this does not shows our real identity. Pakistan was created in the result of a fight lead by a pen not a sword or a gun how such a country can be considered as a terrorist state. We have a lot of things to be proud of and we have a lot of things to work upon. Only an effort is required, only a movement, only a realization, only a feeling of love, only a chance and only a try.

Misha Khan, student of media studies Kinnaird College for Women University.