PESHAWAR - Business and educational activities have been slowly resuming in Bara Bazar after being hit by 7 years long wave of militancy.

Businessmen started renovating their shops and markets after repatriation to their home towns from the far-flung areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

There was a time when no one was allowed to enter Bara Bazar as various militant organizations had established their own writ while fighting with the security forces.

The fight against terrorism had not only affected the educational and business activities in the area but also inflicted heavy human and property losses to the residents.

In first phase, two militant organizations Lashkari Islam and Ansarul-Islam were fighting against each other, which forced the residents to leave the area and later the military operation against banned organizations destroyed their business and educational infrastructure.

However, after the end of military operation, the former Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan inaugurated reopening of the war-torn area of Bara Bazar.

In a visit to Bara Bazar, the correspondent witnessed opening of several markets and various schools while the student were also seen attending their classes.

In time of military operation, the campuses had been mostly closed and shifted to Peshawar.

Wearing blue colour uniform, the students were also seen along with their trophies after declaration of their result. “Today I am very happy as I stood first in my class despite wasting one academic year during militancy and displacement,” Jasim Afridi, student of Gul Public school told the Nation.

Another student of Afridi Public School, Arif Afridi said that he wasted two academic years but he got admission as private candidate to continue the course work.

The Afridi Public School has restored its campus in Bara Bazara and now students are coming in large numbers after repatriation of their families from other areas.

Meanwhile business activities were also gaining momentum and shopkeepers are busy in renovating their shops and hotels.

Though large number of shops was presenting a deserted look, but once the people are repatriated and start their normal life these deserted markets will also be opened for public convenience.

Khanbaz an owner of a hotel who reopened his business in Bara Bazar after seven years told The Nation that he was popular for making delicious food seven years ago and people from far-flung areas of KP used to visit his hotel to enjoy rice and salty beef (Rosh). “On April 07, 2016, he reopened his hotel in militancy-hit Bara Bazar with thin number of customers but now people are again returned in a large number to enjoy my cuisines,” Kanbaz said.

He maintained that they are optimistic that lost glory of the popular Bara Bazar will be restored soon if government compensates these market owners.

Some people have started repairing their markets but most of the shops in the Bazar remained closed due to lack of renovation work, some people were busy on self help basis to clean the front portion of the market while some of them were mixing the concrete to repair the damaged portions of various markets.

The people are eagerly waiting for complete restoration of old Bara Bazar but due to lack of government’s support, it will take time to completely restore its charm.