As April approaches the anticipation of the Game of Thrones fandom builds.

Last season Jon Snow’s murder in the “Mutiny at Castle Black” left us appalled. The social media was literally mourning his death with meme’s like Jon Snow’s qul khaani and three days of national holiday in the country.

Facebook was inundated with Jon Snow posts, so much so that it attracted the non-GOT audience and succumbed them to the GOT fever as well.

Whether Jon Snow lives, we can’t say. Grapevine has it that he might. Either this rumor was spread by the Stark lovers (who want the good looking, curly haired Kit Harrington back on the show) or is it a promotion technique, we do not know.

All we know is that the gods have been kind to the remaining Stark family in the new trailer.

Arya Stark is still at The House of Black and White at Braavos.

Her “stark” madness with seeking vengeance has rendered her blind. She is under the tutelage of the faceless man, Jaqen H’ghar who tells her in the trailer that she won’t be given another chance. Does that mean Arya should forget the past and start afresh? Will he make her forget how it was like being Arya Stark and finally make her a no one?

Moving to the north, Winterfell also “reeks” of retribution. Sansa’s character has evolved the most. From a sweet little girl who dreamt of marrying a prince to a serious and shrewd looking lady, clad in a supposedly war raiment with the Stark emblem.

Sansa and Reek (Theon Greyjoy) are still on the run from the Boltons and looks like they have gathered a number of Stark patriots and formed a battalion.

Further north, the Hodor gang appears which skipped the last season. The trailer shows Bran Stark warging (the ability to enter the mind of animals and see from their eyes) with his white glazed eyes. His character is the most mysterious. His journey started seeking the three eyed raven. They finally found it beyond the wall only to discover that it was not a raven but a seer and a lord of old with esoteric knowledge.

Across the Narrow Sea the night seems dark and full of terrors for the Khaleesi. Stripped of her power and clothes (as seen in the trailer) she becomes a prisoner of the Dothraki. The future also seems bleak for Ser Jorah Mormant as his grayscale disease spreads. Looks like this is his last season. Will he be able to rescue Khaleesi before his death or will he get killed in the process?

Furthermore, Khaleesi’s counselors at Meereen are now comprised of Tyrion, Ser Varys and possibly a new character.  Let us see if they are able to subdue the old lords of Meereen without the Khaleesi, who are bound to wreak havoc without her presence.

Speaking of havoc, the Lannisters at Kingslanding look pretty busy with Jamie Lannister heading the armored knights while the post shame-shame Cersi with her mousy hair encouraging the grown up King Tommen to head the army.

The most astounding scene in the trailer is of the White Walkers, who look quite content at the Castle Black.

That makes me wonder if Jon Snow will rise up as a white walker. Who will stand up against them with no one to wield the Valyrian steel sword? What part will Ser Davos and Melisandra play in keeping the dead at bay? Will Bran Stark be able to communicate with them with his warging power or will he wander on with Rickon, Hodor, Meera and the direwolf?

Watch Season 6 for all your unanswered questions. Don’t forget the first episode premiers on the 24th of April.