ISLAMABAD - Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Aitzaz Ahsan yesterday unveiled the strategy of the opposition to probe Panama Leaks and said that all major opposition political parties had agreed on six points and the accountability of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family tops the list. “All the parties have consensus that the probe of offshore wealth of over 250 Pakistanis should start with the forensic audit of their assets, including Ittefaq Group of Industries owned by PM’s family,” Ahsan elaborated one of the six points while taking part in the debate on Panama Papers as the last speaker.

He informed the house that PPP after having meetings with several opposition parties had drawn a sketch to probe the panama leaks and that would start with the forensic audit. “We have held meetings with PTI, JI, ANP, QWP-Sherpao and parliamentarians of FATA and there was consensus on at least five to six points in connection with probe of Panama Leaks,” he said and added his party would meet with PML-Q, MQM and the ruling PML-N on the issue in next week.

Elaborating other points, he said that there was a consensus that the matter was beyond the scope of NAB and FIA since money had been transferred abroad and thus a reputable international forensic audit firm should be hired for the investigations.

It would be imperative for the government to facilitate the firm for investigations, which should be empowered through the World Bank’s Stolen Assets Recovery Program and UN conventions. “If needed, legislation should also be done in this regard,” he added.

He said that the report of forensic audit would be presented before the judicial commission headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan. In case the judicial commission is not constituted, then a parliamentary committee headed by opposition member should be constituted, he pointing out that there was division among the parties over this point. “But all have consensus over the terms of references (TORs) for the probe,” he added.

Ahsan said that another major evidence against the prime minister in Panama Leaks, was the contradictory television interviews of his sons about their Mayfair apartments in London. The interviews of Hussain Nawaz and Hassan Nawaz - the two sons of the premier - about the apartments will be the biggest charge sheet against him as far as the evidence is concerned, he said and added this would be the starting point to start the investigations.

The last thing on which the opposition leader concluded his speech was: “if the prime minister has done nothing wrong; no illegal property; no illegal transaction; no money laundering, and nothing wrong even by mistake, he should present himself in the parliament for accountability like British Prime Minister David Cameron and present the record of his assets and taxes he has paid so far.”

Earlier, the members of PML-N and PPP taking part in the debate traded barbs while accusing each other’s leadership of wrongdoings of the past. PM lawmakers viewed that PM alone must not be targeted for political point scoring.

Separately, the house in a sort of denunciation to military regimes during which the Senate remained suspended unanimously adopted a resolution, symbolically rejecting the suspension of the house during different military regimes and designated the current session as the 247th session instead of 127th.

Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani declared that Senate was an institution in perpetuity, which could neither be dissolved nor suspended by any government, whether civil or military either invoking the constitution or imposing martial law.

Leader of the house in Senate Raja Zafarul Haq moved the resolution signed by parliamentary leaders of all political parties in Senate to correct the ‘error of history’.

“The Senate of Pakistan came into existence in 1973, with the promulgation of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and since its first oath-taking session that commenced on August 6, 1973, the Senate has convened as many as 247 sessions to date,” it added.

But, unconstitutional suspensions of its functioning through illegal constitutional deviations imposed prolonged periods during which it was denied existence, it said, adding the serial numbering of Senate sessions was reinitiated after each revival so that the current session is numbered the 127th Session of the Senate of Pakistan.

“In actual fact it is 247th session of Senate of Pakistan as the House of Federation and now, Senate of Pakistan resolves to designate the current session as the 247th session and all preceding and succeeding sessions will be designated numbers accordingly,” it added.