The progress of any nation depends on the quality of education and better access of public to educational resources that makes nation more peaceful, more prosperous and more successful.

Infact this is the responsibility of existing government, It is impossible to increase the literacy rate in the specific region without provision of educational institutes and better resources, In this case, the Muzafargarh which is the district of Punjab is still victim of not having better resources, specially for higher education. This has created many problems for the people of this region,

Mostly every district of Punjab have one or more university or the campus of any university, the muzaffargarh having the population more than others is only deprived from this facility,

The politicians have an excuse that the area of this has been covered by the universities of Multan, Bahawalpur and Dera Ghazi Khan, According to this perspective Okara district should be covered by the universities of Lahore, Shiwal and Faisalabad. District Jhang should be covered by the institutes of Faisalabad. Because they have same distance as muzaffargarh have from Multan and Bahawalpur,

The university of Jhang and more recently the bill of university of Okara has been passed and established, this is downright discrimination in the province.

There is the need of higher educational institution because thousands of students including maximum strength of females studying in Multan, Bahawalpur and other universities of upper Punjab, this type of education is very expensive to not be affordable by the people of this region.

The politicians are exploiting the rights of public, they could not attend the assemblies regularly, if attend could never express their public needs as they are living in heaven where there every thing is available.

The government of Punjab and ministry of education should honestly allocate resources in the province, It requires the diversion of thoughts towards the distinction in the universal human rights.


March 17.