Islamabad - Representatives from four reputable educational institutes attended a three-day training to learn how to make their workplaces more dignified, especially for working women and students.

The training was about effective implementation of ‘Protection Against Harassment of Women At The Workplace, Act 2010.’ Special emphasis was given to the sensitisation of management, staff and students on the issue of sexual harassment and how to curb it so that students can focus on their education and employees can earn a living in a harassment-free environment. Progressive managements ensure that they provide a respectable environment so that everyone can focus on their work. They get their relevant employees properly trained in the workplace harassment legislation for effective implementation within their organisations.

Participants of this training included inquiry committee members, heads of departments, teachers, research officers and vice principals from Fatima Jinnah Women University, Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST), Joint Staff Public School & College and Military College Jhelum. The other participants were from private sector companies, civil society, and lawyers from seven different cities.

It was a comprehensive training, covering the issue of sexual harassment for conceptual clarity of the participants; procedures prescribed in the law for effective implementation and handling cases of sexual harassment in the absence of evidence and witnesses, which is usually the case, in confidentiality.

According to the law, they have to form a three-member standing inquiry committee with at least one woman member to handle cases of sexual harassment so that both men and women can earn halal living in a respectful manner. The law says that it is the responsibility of the managements to display the text of the law in their offices for easy access to information and also educate all their employees about the issue, the act and the importance of reporting cases so that they may be handled in a responsible manner.