KARACHI  -    Experts at the concluding session of two-day International Symposium on Pediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes emphasized the need for making newborn thyroid testing mandatory after birth to prevent development of mental retardation.

The thyroid hormone problem not only affects physical and mental health of children but also effect its growth, puberty, diabetes, sexual issue, hypoglycemia etc. Furthermore, investigations or laboratory test and medicine required for diagnosis and management of endocrine diseases in children should be made available in the country.

The two-days International Symposium on Paediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes was organised by Society of Paediatrics & Diabetes of Pakistan aimed to disseminate knowledge about paediatric endocrinology to paediatrician and physicians. Paediatric endocrinology deals with hormonal issue in children including growth disorder, early or delayed puberty, Diabetes, hypoglycemia, obesity in addition to thyroidal diseases.

International Experts who attended the symposium were Prof. Maria Craig from Sydney, Prof. Margaret Zaccharin from Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist from Melbourne, Prof Sarah Ehtisham, Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist from Dubai, and Prof Asma Deeb, Consultant Pediatric Endocrinologists from Abu Dhabi warned that populations in the developing countries could experience an extraordinary surge in the cases of diabetes in the years to come unless appropriate action was taken and concerted efforts made to curb the disease effectively.

Presenting recommendations they said that Paediatric endocrinology is a sub-specialty in its own entity and we need to create training opportunities to have more physicians available to cater to the patients presenting with these illnesses. Furthermore, a balanced diet is very important for growth of a child, adding that all the food groups should be in diet of children.

They also emphasized to promote excellence in the care of paediatric endocrine diseases as compare to developing world.