KARACHI    -     The People’s Youth Organization (PYO) Sindh chapter on Sunday pledged to thwart all conspiracies against 18th Amendment, stressing that the nation needs to maintain unity and discipline in their ranks.

The PYO is going to launch a nationwide protest drive in support of 18th Amendment, revealed PYO Sindh General Secretary Shoaib Mirza after a meeting of the organisation held at PYO Secretariat here on Sunday. Mr Mirza expressed displeasure over the reports of proposed division of Sindh. He emphasised that in this critical time, the entire nation needs to maintain unity in view of the prevailing conspiracies. “Such conspiracy theories to divide any province can never be in the interest of Pakistan,” he claimed.

Shoaib Mirza said that no Pakistani citizen must be distinguished on the basis of his/her ethnic or linguistic affiliation.

During the meeting, PYO office-bearers also unanimously supported the decision of PPP for moving adjournment motion in the Sindh Assembly against the federal government’s alleged intention to roll back the 18th Amendment.

On the occasion, PYO Sindh Spokesperson Taimoor Ali Mahar also expressed his views, saying that the nation would never allow anyone to bulldoze the 18th Amendment. He said that PPP workers have a bright track record of protecting civil rights.

The PYO spokesman said that provinces are important units of the federation, and the purpose to introduce 18th Amendment by then President Asif Ali Zardari was to empower provinces. He also demanded investigation into the alleged corruption in the “Billion Tree Tsunami Project” of the PTI-led Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government.

Badin farmers protest against ‘artificial’ water shortage

A large number of farmers Sunday staged a 15km long protest rally on foot from Notkani Stop to Tando Bago Town against ‘artificial’ shortage of water in tail-end areas of Badin district.

The rally was organised on the call of “Save the Badin Committee”, and it was led by Azizullah Dero, Mir Noor Ahmed Talpur, Khuda Dino Shah, Khalil Ahmed Bhurgari, Dilbar Sindhi, and Sikander Memon.

The participants started their march on foot from Notkani Stop. On their way, they passed through different villages and were warmly welcomed by locals. They reached Tando Bago Town where they staged a sit-in which continued for several hours. Renowned singer of Sindh Ms Deba Sehar and Jai Parkash were also part of the March.

Addressing the participants, the representatives of farmers expressed their anger over artificial shortage of water.

They said that their share of water was diverted to five flood canals and was stolen through illegal outlets to irrigate the lands of influential people. They lamented that the practice had deprived more than million people of tail-end areas of water. They vowed to continue their struggle for water till acceptance of their demands.