ISLAMABAD - The internal conflicts of Pakistan Muslim League-Q here on Wednesday intensified when a party lawmaker Riaz Fatyana staged a boycott of the party's Central Working Committee meeting saying that the Chaudhry brothers were unable to keep the Q-League intact. PML-Q parliamentarian Riaz Fatyana walked out of the meeting due to his differences with party's central command. Some central party leaders tried their level best to convince Riaz Fatyana to come back in the meeting, but to no avail.   The sources told TheNation that after Riaz Fatyana's speech, Sheikh Waqas Akram came up to the dice and severely criticized the defiant parliamentarians' group. "Sheikh Waqas Akram in his speech said that those who wanted to quit PML-Q were free to do so and the party could play the role of a strong opposition even if it were reduced to only six members", the sources added.   Sheikh Waqas Akram while talking to TheNation said that the differences were part of democracy and he was not hostile to Fatyana. "Actually Riaz Fatyana misunderstood me, therefore, he got angry", Akram said, adding that Fatyana was like his brother. "When Sheikh Waqas Akram slammed Fatyana, the latter stood up from his seat and headed towards the former but was barred from doing so by Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi", the sources claimed. Riaz Fatyana later, talking to TheNation said that Chaudhry brothers had destroyed the party by taking dictation from a military dictator and were unable to keep the party intact. "I staged a walk out of the CWC meeting and before my protest, Aslam Bodla, Dewan Aashiq Hussain Bukhari, Arbab Zakaullah and Ghulam Hyder Samejo had left the room", he added.          After boycott of the meeting, Fatyana talked to the media and said that the disgraceful remarks made by Sheikh Waqas in the presence of the party president Chaudhary Shujjat Hussain, Opposition Leader in the National Assembly, Chaudhary Pervez Elahi and Secretary General Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed had hurt him. He held Chaudhary brothers and their associates were responsible for the defeat in the February 18 elections. However, Chaudhary Pervaiz Elahi said that no notice would be served to Riaz Fatyana over his boycott because every member in the party had right to express his differences. "Any MNA of the party can leave party but one day they would return and we, being a democratic party, attach great value to the opinion of the members," he said. He further said that no one could impose his or her will on others and the aim of the CWC meetings was to take cognizance of the views the party members. "We would continue playing constructive role while sitting in the opposition benches", he observed. Later, PML-Q leaders also addressed a press conference and asked the ruling coalition government to seek apology from the nation for not living up to promises it had made with the people.  Chaudhry Shujaat urged the ruling coalition to shun their differences and focus on addressing the problems the nation is confronting presently. "17th amendment will not be abolished if new president is taken from PPP", he added. About PML-Q legislators meeting with Prime Minister, he said it was a routine meeting as Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani had given the message for maintaining routine social ties. "This meeting took place with the consent of party leadership", he stated. Secretary General PML-Q, Mushahid Hussain Sayed, alleged that the ruling coalition was united only on the issue of grabbing power, whereas PML-Q was worried about the whole country. "Bomb blasts are occurring in the country. Now the rulers are left with no excuse and they must fulfill their pledges after Musharraf's resignation", he said, adding that the deposed judges could not be reinstated as pledged by the ruling alliance on four occasions. "The resignation of Governor Balochistan is a matter of serious concern", he said, adding that the government should make it clear as to how it policies differed with that of Pervez Musharraf. "Ever worst bombing of the history of the country is taking place in Bajaur and tribal territories, which has rendered thousands of the people homeless so far", he said.