KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) started a ‘train march’ here on Monday and distributed anti-Nawaz pamphlets in Pakistan Express.

As per details, participants of the march led by PTI leader Haleem Adil Sheikh reached Cantonment Station and travelled to Hyderabad in the Pakistan Express in connection with their ‘Aap ko kiyon nikala’ campaign.

Dr Masroor Siyal, Jansheer Junejo and other PTI workers travelling in the train from Karachi to Hyderabad distributed anti-Nawaz pamphlets among other passengers. When the train reached Hyderabad, PTI workers gave it a warm welcome. Haleem Adil Sheikh also distributed pamphlets himself and pasted anti-Nawaz stickers on the train.

Talking to media men, he said that disqualified prime minister had asked from the people, why he had been ousted, and now he was getting the answers to his question. He further said this drive had now become a national campaign. Sheikh said that Pakistan Express will pass through the whole country, including areas near the GT Road, and these pamphlets would also spread to these areas.

He said Nawaz was trying to hoodwink the people and in order to save his businesses he was bent upon picking fight with the institutions. He said Nawaz was ousted because he and his family are involved in theft. He counselled the railway minister to also read these pamphlets and tell his leader as to why he was ousted. The PTI leader said Nawaz considered himself unconquerable, but now he had seen the power of people.  He said the campaign had already gained momentum in Sindh and it would continue till its logical end.