KAMALIA - Fauji Sharif, a prominent political figure and close associate of PML-N leader Ch Asadur Rehman, allegedly committed suicide by jumping into River Ravi here the other day.

His son Amjad Sharif told the media that the incident happened around 12:00pm, adding that there were no prominent causes of his suicide. Rescue teams have been searching for the dead body for more than 24 hours.


Rana Asif Javed, a shopkeeper at Tota Bazaar Kamalia, submitted an application to the police that six unidentified women had stolen clothe worth Rs72,000 from his shop the other day. Kamalia city police filed a case against.


Police arrested Haji Shafee at Mohallah Islampura here. He had rented out his house to Ahsaan without informing the police. Kamalia city police filed a case.