NEW YORK - Hundred of people, including Muslims, gathered outside his New York Headquarters Sunday to condemn the Republican presidential candidate’s call to ban all Muslims from entering the United States.

They accused the billionaire businessman of “racism” and “fascism”, waving anti-Trump placards and raising slogans in front of Trump Tower on New York’s Fifth Avenue.

Before the start of the demonstration, Muslims offered their Zuhr prayers. “We will not allow Paris, or San Bernadino to be used as an excuse for racism and repression,” Larry Holmes of the Peoples Power Assemblies said.

“Trump’s call for ban on Muslim entry into the US is the worst kind of bigotry mixed with ignorance,” Comrade Shahid, Secretary-General of Pakistan-USA Freedom Forum said. “His call is also against the Constitution of the United States, he said, adding, “We are against racism in all its forms and manifestations.”

“Say no to fascism. Say no to Trump” and “Dump Trump,” read placards held by some of the demonstrators outside iconic Trump Tower. “We started holding our protests in July, when Trump said Mexicans were drug dealers, criminals and rapists,” one of the demonstrators, Jaime Gonzalez, said.”Today we’re here because his offensive remarks about the Muslim community.”

The demonstrators later marched to New York’s CNN Headquarters.