ISLAMABAD: Wafaqul Madaris Al-Arabia held the government responsible for the delay in the registration of seminaries as they are ready to follow the agreed mechanism for it.

Secretary General Qazi Abdur Rashid in a media chat at Jamia Mohammadia yesterday blamed the government for pushing the religious seminaries to the wall on the behest of its foreign masters whereas they are prepared to get all the seminaries enrolled with the Wafaqul Madaris Al-Arabia registered with the government under the already agreed upon mechanism.–Staff Reportetr

He said that religious seminaries are not only providing education to several hundred thousand students across the country but also defending the country on ideological and religious front.

Qazi Abdur Rashid said that it was unjust to link the seminaries with militancy and terrorism when Wafaqul Madaris Al-Arabia had decreed that armed struggle within the country was against the Islamic injunctions and that they were standing with the security agencies and Armed Forces of the country in the ongoing war against terrorists and anti-state elements.

He claimed that security agencies are exerting undue pressure on the religious seminaries on the behest of some foreign countries and asked the highups in the government to sit with them and work out the minor points of differences between the government and seminaries heads on the syllabus of the seminaries.

He said that it was beyond comprehension that when Wafaqul Madris was ready to get the seminaries registered with the government and also accepted the other main demands including the audit of the funds coming to these seminaries from various channels then why they have been pushed to the wall.

He said that they would try to meet Federal Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan to take up the problems being faced by Wafaqul Madaris on the registration and other issues with the security officials and hoped that things would be settled down for the better.

To a question, he said that they welcomed the statement on religious seminaries given by the interior minister in the National Assembly wherein he made it clear that only a few per cent seminaries are linked with militancy while over 90 per cent of these institutions are not found indulged in any dubious activity.