Lodhran/Bahawalpur - Imran Khan and Hamza Shahbaz yesterday spent all the ammunition to undermine each other in their last ditch effort to woo Lodhran people on the last day of campaign before the by-elections to be held tomorrow.

PTI’s Jahangir Khan Tarin and PML-N’s Siddique Baloch are contesting the by-election in the said constituency.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan said that his party will defeat the rigging experts in Lodhran by-election and government’s package of Rs2.5 billion for the district will not help the ruling party to win the polls as people of the constituency are not ready to sell themselves.

PML-N central leader MNA Hamza Shehbaz criticised Imran Khan saying those giving threats, raising hue and cry of rigging, snatching others land and instigating on politics of lie have failed.

Addressing a mammoth rally as part of by-election, Imran said that though government announced Rs2.5 billion package for Lodhran but the leaders of the ruling party do not keep their words. Imran said that more than 10 million children are out of schools while the government was busy in running busses.

He alleged the ruling party as expert of pre-poll rigging but said that we are also prepared to stop the rigging. He claimed that 21,000 fake votes were cast in the Lahore by-election in which PTI’s Aleem Khan was defeated at the hands of National Assembly Speaker Ayaz Sadiq.

The PTI chairman accused the government of carrying out economic murder of peasants and urged it to divert money which it was spending on bus projects to health and education sectors. He said at least 10 million children were out schools in Pakistan.

He said: “We are fighting a battle for Naya Pakistan, and would not sit silently until elements involved in election rigging are not punished.”

Imran Khan also called for a Rs19 cut in per litre price of diesel and vowed that he would not spare unscrupulous elements after coming into power.

“No country can prosper without education and in Pakistan more than 10 million children are out of school and people need health facilities for which hospitals should be made rather than wasting money on orange train and other such projects.

Reacting to a statement of Hamza that Imran could won local government elections if he would have left the case of rigging, Imran asked that in the Government of Musharraf how many seats have they won in the local government elections.

Hamza, while addressing to a huge public gathering, said that Imran should think before speak and if he tried to cast evil eye on the lands of disappointed citizens, people will hold him accountable. He said the nation knows that who played gambling with the amount allocated for setting up power plants and removing darkness in KPK whereas a number of projects generating energy through coal, solar and other sources have been started in Punjab and the load-shedding will be eliminated by 2017.

He said that present leadership is paying special attention to public service and the performance of two and a half years of the government is before all. He expressed the hope that like other by-elections, PML-N will also win bye-election of NA-154. He said he not only wants to win the elections but also the hearts of the people of Lodhran by rendering them true services.