A candidate for the slot of Municipal Committee Wazirabad chairman has vowed to ensure the provision of basic facilities such as potable water and to promote sports activities.

Addressing a group of councillors-elect Shoaib Idrees stated that sports activities in Wazirabad were at lower level and the youth were deprived of playgrounds. “We have to keep our youth busy in sports and away from social evils,” he said. Deserving players will be encouraged and provided opportunity to represent Wazirabad at national level, he added. He said sports events will be held frequently and new playgrounds will be establish while Kot Khizri Sports Stadium will also utilised for the tournaments of different games.

He further added that Wazirabad has a history of sports which will be repeated. He vowed to work for the provision of water for the citizens. New water filtration plants will be established in different localities while the existing filtration plants will be renovated to ensure smooth supply of water.

He said, “Our working will be according to the policy of the Punjab government and all the government plans will be materialized.” He mentioned a number of problems faced by the Wazirabadis and took the participating Councillors into confidence for their solution. The councillors-elect supported his plan and expressed their solidarity with him.