LAHORE : Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Shaharyar M Khan said on Monday that Pakistan Super League would benefit country's cricket in a big way by strengthening different tiers of the game. "It is going to be a gateway as far promotion of Pakistan cricket is concerned, no matter it is T20, one day or test cricket," he said. The PCB chief was of the view that participation of young national cricketers in PSL would help them to bring overall improvement in various departments of the game including batting, bowling, fielding as well as fitness. "With Pakistan players’ participation the main character of cricket which is team spirit will also be developed among them which will help them to learn a better understanding to serve their country by utilizing their talent and energy," he added. The PCB chairman said the PSL would be a profit earning venture for PCB in years to come and the funds generated from it would be spent on cricket development across the country.

"With five Pak teams playing in PSL the span of cricket activities will get a tremendous boost in Pakistan and the base of the game will also be strengthened," he said.

He said at the moment international cricket activities were not taking place in Pakistan and PSL would play a key role in the resumption of international cricket in the country. "We are holding the inaugural edition at UAE and eventually a stage will come when we would be able to organize it in our own backyard giving a positive message to the world that Pakistan is safe to stage elite cricket events," he added.