KARACHI  -   Corrupt ministers cannot run protest campaigns and it seems the sitting government of the PPP in Sindh will not complete its five years, says Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh General Secretary Haleem Adil Sheikh.

Addressing a press conference here at Insaf House on Friday, Sheikh said that Murad Ali Shah was made chief minister of Sindh only to facilitate the Omni Group. He said that rulers of Sindh had devastated the province through their corruption and mismanagement.

Sheikh was flanked by PTI Karachi Division President and MPA Khuram Sherzaman and other leaders of the party.

Sherzaman said that people of Sindh would not have to wait for five long years as they would soon get rid of this corruption mafia. He said many disgruntled figures in the ruling PPP were in contact with the PTI. He suggested the PPP should now get rid of Asif Ali Zardari for its political survival.

Sheikh said the government of Sindh claimed that it had made Sindh Europe. He said “we visited this Europe and Paris without any visa over the last three days and witnessed destroyed infrastructure, garbage hills, poverty, diseases and hunger everywhere”. He said even in Jhangara, hometown of Chief Minister Murad Shah, no one but a watchman was present at a government hospital. He said patients were getting no medical facility and police had occupied the hospital.

He said the provincial government of Sindh in connivance with mafias destroyed the entire province. He said poisonous water of MNV Drain is resulting in slow death of Manchar Lake. He said that Manchar and Hamal lakes in Sindh have already been murdered and now it is the turn of the Keenjhar Lake. He said RO plants at Manchar installed with a cost of millions of rupees are out of order due to sheer corruption and negligence.

He said the pen of Sindh chief minister only writes for the benefit of the Omni Group and goes dry when it is the matter of facilitating the poor masses. He said that in Sukkur, Europe of Khurshid Ahmad Shah, toothache patients were being treated with cough syrup. He said inhuman treatment is being meted out to patients at government hospitals in the constituency of Shah.

He said that rulers have destroyed even Larkana, saddening the soul of Benazir Bhutto. He said old machines of 1985 are still present at Chandka Medical College Hospital, Larkana. He said patients are being rushed to this hospital in rickshaws and cargo vehicles as it has no ambulance service. He said CT scan, MRI and proper x-ray facilities are not present in Larkana. At government schools in the constituency of Bilawal Zardari, he said, there is no furniture and students get education sitting on the floor. He said 77 percent of drinking water in Larkana is contaminated and unfit for human health.

Sheikh said that corrupt ministers of Sindh better not to talk about wagging a struggle. He said struggles are wagged by honest political workers and not by agents of the corrupt mafia. He said the corrupt PPP government wants a corrupt IG like Jamali. He said that people, who used to threaten each other in the past, have now become brothers.

Sherzaman said Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif are facing court cases and “we have nothing to do with this matter. Our agenda is to wipe out corruption. We gave independence to institutions and a free hand to the NAB”. He said that institutions were working freely.

He said he would soon unveil more documentary proof of corruption of Zardari. He said the Omni Group has provided all needed evidence to institutions and the people who looted the wealth of Sindh would be in jails soon.