KAMALIA - Local PML-N leader and former general councillor Iftikhar Patwari has asked the government to attend to the crisis of the power-loom industry. He was talking to the media at Kamalia Press Club the other day. The political leader stated that the increase of thread cost, load shedding and other issues have totalled the industry.

"If the government does not pay attention to the crisis of power-looms, millions of people related to this industry would be unemployed. Thousands of cloth factories are already facing closure and their labour starving." he told. If the higher-ups do not change policies, the export circle will be destroyed, he warned. On intimation, Rescue 1122 officials immediately shifted the affected persons to District Headquarters Hospital Rajanpur.

According to the hospital sources, the couple and their kids are now stable and recovering fast.

They informed that it was food poisoning due to some unascertained reasons.