GN LOS ANGELES - ‘Without me' singer Halsey feels ''a lil low'' when she's not performing live and described touring as her ''sole purpose''.

Halsey feels ''a lil low'' when she's not performing live.

The 24-year-old singer asked fans to share videos from her concerts because she was missing touring, and described playing shows as her ''sole purpose'' to give everyone ''a void'' for whatever they need to say.

In a series of posts on Twitter, she wrote: ''I just really love being on stage and I get kinda down when I have off time. Playing for you guys is my purpose and without it I get a lil low.

''Thanks for the little pick me up. I love you more than you can imagine. You guys are literally the sole purpose of my existence.

''Everything I do, eat, think, exercise, write, watch, draw is with the intention of becoming better. So I can continue to create experiences in which I feel so very, very connected to you. Thank you.

''When I stand onstage I become a void. a void for you to scream your insecurities and griefs and triumphs and vindication's directly at/into and I absorb it all and feed rigorously off the connection. You help me understand myself.''

The star joked about a typo in her final message, but her fans appreciated the honest outpouring.

It came after she revealed her single 'Without Me' has gone platinum in the US - her 16th to achieve the landmark - and hinted at some plans to show how grateful she is for the support.