Lahore - The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) submitted two reports before the Lahore High Court (LHC) regarding its plan to carry out road projects worth Rs99.202 million in provincial capital.

It plans to widen and improve Shahkam Chowk situated at Intersection of Canal Bank Road & Defence Road, Lahore so as to improve traffic flow.

Shahkam Chowk is one of the major bottle-neck against the smooth flow of traffic due to severe traffic jams between the housing schemes located on both sides of Canal Bank and Defence Road during peak hours resulting wastage of fuel and time. Average daily traffic (ADT) of Shahkam Chowk is around one lac.

LDA has conducted a survey and proposed recommendations to ease out severe traffic issues at Shahkam Chowk. Accordingly, matter was referred to M/s NESPAK for preparation of PC-1 of the work “At grade improvement of Shahkam Chowk, Lahore” while it has submitted the PC-I to the LDA with salient features.

The project will cost Rs810.068 million; construction cost of Rs423.133 million; and land acquisition Rs370.622 million.

Likewise, the LDA presented another report regarding installation of traffic management components (lane marking, directional arrows and  signage etc) in Lahore City.

Upon directions of the Lahore High Court, and minutes of the meeting issued by Punjab Safe Cities Authority, in the report it has been conveyed that Tepa will submit the layout, design and engineer’s estimate of signage. stop-line, zebra crossing and lane marking (including routine maintenance cost) to PSCA to include that cost in its budget. The PSCA will be implementing Authority, whereas, Tepa will be executing authority for providing the facilities on the road.

Accordingly, design of traffic management components and PC-I for the subject work amounting to Rs99.202 million has been prepared and forwarded to Chief Operating Officer, Punjab Safe Cities Authority Lahore for further process of approval. The work will be taken up immediately after approval of PC-1 a d release of funds. Copies of PC-I and forwarding letter is attached at Annexure-A.

Moreover, the LDA has also submitted a report regarding restoration of Punjab University and GC University ground in compliance of court order.

The LDA informed the court that the restoration work at both the grounds of Punjab University and G0 University was completed on 11-12-2018. Detail of comp,