NEW DELHI - The incident that took place in Bardhaman district in West Bengal, angered locals triggering protests against the local district administration and the police.

In another case of minors being sexually victimised, a 7-year-old girl was brutally gang-raped by hereto unidentified people in the state of West Bengal. The crime’s perpetrators murdered the child after gang-raping her so as to leave no living proof of their crime, according to ANI reports. Local residents and the parents of the victim blocked a major highway (National Highway 2) and pelted stones at police vehicles even as the police sought to assuage the agitators. According to reports, the little girl had gone out to buy groceries in the local area at around 7 pm and had not been seen since.

Concerned, the family members undertook a frantic search for the child and later found the girl’s mutilated body near her home.

According to ANI reports, two men have been detained by the police in the case although it is not known if they were among those who had committed the crime. “The police are investigating the case”, said the Asansol Commissioner of Police Laxmi Narayan.