Lahore - Senior Minister Punjab Abdul Aleem Khan on Friday said that apart from urban areas new mechanism for cleanliness work in rural areas of the province was also being devised.

“It is our individual and collective responsibility to keep environment clean and healthy and in addition to government every citizen should put share in this noble cause,” he added. Aleem expressed these views while talking at the ceremony of Clean & Green Pakistan.

The senior minister said that anti encroachment drive was in full swing and it would remain continued with zero tolerance policy till the evacuation of last government property from the grabbers.

He added that as per the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan, every step would be taken to make the environment better and make the dream of Clean & Green Pakistan a success. He said, “It is our beloved country and we have to make it prosperous.”

He called upon the philanthropists to come forward and take part in such onstructive activities.

He lauded the efforts of Qarshi Foundation for patronizing the beautification work of the parks and greets belts in surroundings and spending a huge amount for these welfare steps.

He also assured his all out cooperation in that regard and assured that steps would be taken to provide facilities around Jam-e-Shirin Park.

Talking to media on this occasion, Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan said that meeting of Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari would be good as it would further expose both of them in front of the masses. He said that masses know the reality that those who looted the national exchequer were together in the past and now also as they would be joining hands to save their plundered money.

Aleem said, “Imran Khan and his team contested the general election on the slogan of accountability of those who remained in power for the last 40 years and now we have no fear of any alliance.”

He said that people had given votes to PTI in the name of accountability and make a new Pakistan and steps would remain continue in this direction.

The senior minister concluded that great mission of welfare of common man would be completed and each and every promise would be fulfilled by the present government in the coming years.