ATTOCK - The police have arrested a "sexual predator" allegedly involved in child molestation and pornography under the garb of a charity institute.

The police said the accused used to target under-aged students who belong to under privileged class and could reside at the so-called charity institute.

More than 10 girls have been recovered from the institute. The police have registered an FIR under sections 292A/292C/ 377A/377B/376/511 ppc.

Attock DPO Hassan Asad Alvi has directed the investigation officer to ensure a thorough investigation by digging out all kind of evidence so that the "predator" could not escape stern punishment.

According to details, the police carried out the raid on the "charity institute" following report of one Niaz Ahmed, whose daughter is also among the victims.

Niaz Ahmed told the police that he was a poor man and due to poverty he sent his daughter Areeba Noor to the institute "Pannah" run by Ibrar Hussain Shah alias Shakirul Qadri, some three years back.

He informed, the institute provide religious education, food and hostel facility to girl students. He said that he used to visit the institute to see his daughter fortnightly but for the last few months, whenever he went to see his daughter, he had observed signs of terror and unrest on the face of the girl.

He informed police that during last meeting his daughter narrated an unbelievable and shocking story and told him that the administrator of the institute Ibrar Shah touched "her private parts and of the other students as well."

"The girl told her father Ibrar Shah fully makes them to sit in his lap." Niaz said that his daughter further disclosed that Qadri who resides in the institute keep elder girls in his room during night and the girls are found weeping during morning.

He further said that his daughter Areeba told him that the administrator forces the girls to watch porn movies and then force them to repeat the acts shown in the movies besides making their porn movies.

The police on the information of the complainant raided the institute and recovered more than 10 girl students, age between two to 14 years, three other women, a computer and some other material.

The administrator of the institute Ibrar Shah has been arrested and sent behind the bars.

Shakirul Qadri, however, negated all the allegations and told media that all the students were like his own daughters and he did nothing wrong.

The police during raid recovered 16 girls belonging to different areas, recorded their initially statements and sent them to their homes.

As per the sources all the students during their statements confirmed the allegations levelled against Qadri. It is worth mentioning that Qadri is a retired Librarian of District Council Attock.

He is author of many books, was awarded President Award for his book "Charagh" consisting Naats. Presently he publishes a quarterly magazine "Farogh Naat," besides having good grip over Persian as language.

He is also well known among literary circles of the country and India as well. Those who have great respect for Qadri are in great shock.

One of his colleague said, "I cannot believe this and said If gold rusts, what shall iron do." He will be produced in a local court with request for remand for further investigation.