CM LOS ANGELES - Sheridan Smith says looking after donkeys on her farm, which she has with fiancé Jamie Horn, is her ''little bit of sanity away from the madness''.

The 37-year-old singer-and-actress recently moved to a farm in the countryside with her fiance Jamie Horn - on which they have four donkeys, two goats and two pigs - and she admitted the hoofed mammals help to keep her grounded and ''away from the madness''.

She said: ''We've got our little farm with my donkeys. It's my little bit of sanity away from the madness, to be honest.''

Sheridan met Jamie on Tinder after creating an account on the dating app because she wanted a bit of ''normality'', and she admits pair ''just clicked''.

Speaking on the upcoming Christmas special of the 'The Jonathan Ross Show', she added: ''It's difficult now isn't it and I think, we're always working with people in the industry and I wanted a bit of normality.

''I don't ever get to meet anyone who is not in the industry, not that that's bad but I just really wanted someone away from that and that's what I've got.

''I met him and I just, they say you know instantly and I've always been a bit like, 'Oh come on,' but I don't know, we just clicked and suddenly it just wasn't difficult anymore.''

Sheridan was left devastated when her beloved father Colin passed away in 2016, and she recently admitted losing her dad sparked a ''massive meltdown'' that resulted in her ''losing the plot''.

She said: ''I kind of lost the plot after that and had a massive meltdown.

''I ran away. There's that kind of northern, 'Keep calm and carry on' vibe - we're all like that.