LAHORE : Managing Director of WASA Syed Zahid Aziz Friday showed flexibility towards new industrial water tariff. He was speaking at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry. He said that water act has been forwarded to the cabinet and after its approval water commission and regulatory authorities would be formed. He said that in there is a demand of one million water meters in Punjab but not a single manufacturer unit exits. Private sectors should pay attention towards this issue. LCCI President Almas Hyder said that WASA has fixed Rs.100,000 per month and Rs.50,000 per month respectively for installation of tube-well of 1 cusec and ½ cusec. The industry is already in trouble due to high input cost, falling competitiveness in the international market and various other challenges. The strategy of fixation of water charges will bring more challenges for the industrial sector. It would have been much appropriate, if bills are generated as per the use of water.

The best way is to conduct a new survey so that re-assessment of all WASA customers could be done. Secondly, WASA should install meters at all the industrial and commercial units so that billing could be generated according to the actual use of water.

He said that LCCI members have complained that WASA has added heavy amounts in bills as ‘arrears’ from nowhere. They are neither defaulters of WASA nor using excessive water for commercial purpose. These arrears should be waived.