ISLAMABAD - After guns silenced, everyone in the restive Swat Valley, whether a civilian, a militant or a security official, is happy over the NWFP government's recent announcement to implement Shariah in the whole of Malakand Division. During a visit to the troubled areas, it was observed that life was returning to normalcy and people of Swat have finally got the peace but lost a young energetic journalist, Musa Khankhel, who was brutally killed by "unknown militants". However, Taliban dissociated themselves from the incident, which disturbed the local people. The provincial government also condemned the murder of the journalist, assuring exemplary punishment to the killers. When the ANP led provincial government declared on Monday last to enforce Islamic law in the Division after negotiating with Maulana Sufi Muhammad, Chief of the defunct Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Shariah-e-Muhammadi (TNSM), the people of Swat took a sigh of relief. They were not only happy but there was firing in the air to celebrate the return of peace to the troubled area. It was a moment of joy like sighting of Eid-ul-Fitr moon when Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, Swat, had declared a 10-day ceasefire in the Valley, also known as the Switzerland of Pakistan, Muhammad Imran, a local resident of Swat, narrated. "Just next morning after the ceasefire announcement, when I woke up, I saw not only human smiling faces but the Nature, mountains, trees and the Swat River portrayed a totally different picture of the Valley," he described. However, some people were still sceptical about the peace, fearing the situation is tense and weird. "One can't predict what will happen next till there is a complete peace in the region and implementation of Shariah," Abdullah, 45, a businessman, commented. Maulana Sufi led TNSM peace marchers gave a ray of hope, as everyone including the provincial government has been looking at them for reviving rest and calm to the area. Saturday will be another day of happiness for the poor Swati population, who suffered a lot during the last two years. After Taliban Swat Chief Maulana Fazullah and Maulana Sufi successfully concluded peace talks, a permanent ceasefire in the Valley has taken place. Parents of the students of Swat had also passed through tough times as they were waiting for returning of peace to see their children going back to their schools. "I am unclear whether my daughter, Nelum Bibi, 11, a student of 5th class will attend her school again," Israr Khan, a government employee in Swat, stated.