ON a shopping trip she bought rings for her bridesmaids and her fiance Jack Tweed at a jewellers on Loughton High Street, in east London. Although Goody - who has taken the decision for her death from cervical cancer to be chronicled in public - laughed and smiled for much of the trip, her weakened state became obvious by the end when she had to be helped to her car by friends. Her shopping trip came as Justice Secretary Jack Straw announced he was relaxing Tweed's early prison release curfew restrictions to allow the couple to spend their wedding night together. Mr Straw suspended Tweed's monitoring requirements for 24 hours this weekend so he can stay at his wedding reception and spend the night there. Tweed, who has to wear an electronic tag, is required to be at his mother's home between 7am and 7pm after he was released early from an 18-month jail term for assault last month. But the Ministry of Justice will suspend the curfew on Sunday, when the couple marry, until 3pm the following day because of the "exceptional" circumstances. Terminally-ill Goody, who has been given weeks to live, was said to have been "heartbroken" at the possibility of parting from her new husband after the wedding. Mr Straw said: "It is crucial that offenders are treated equally within the rules regardless of the publicity surrounding their case but I was satisfied that it was reasonable to allow this." A spokesman added: "Jack has enormous sympathy for Jade Goody and her family at this time. She is showing extraordinary courage and his thoughts are with her and her family." Prime Minister Gordon Brown said: "I think everybody is sad at the tragedy that's befallen Jade Goody. "Everyone who suffers cancer has the thoughts of me and I think the whole country over what they've got to go through." Tweed, who was convicted of assault, told the Sun newspaper: "I love Jade more than anything and this is all we both want. I know I'll be fighting back tears as she walks down the aisle." - Daily Telegraph Max Clifford, the couple's publicist, said: "We are absolutely thrilled. It will be the dream finish to her dream day, and it makes so much difference. "Our heartfelt thanks from Jade and from Jack for allowing him to stay the evening in these very special circumstances." Tweed was jailed for 18 months last September after assaulting a teenager with a golf club. The wedding is understood to be fetching close to 1 million in broadcast and magazine rights. - Daily Telegraph