LAHORE - Editor-in-Chief The Nation and Chairman Nazria Pakistan Trust (NPT) Majid Nizami has said that we should take strength from our faith and tell the Hindus to abstain from building dams on our rivers or face our bombs and missiles. He was addressing a one-day workshop on 'Ideology Studies' at Aiwan-e-Karkunan Tehrik-e-Pakistan on Saturday. Chairmen and other officials of various Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education along senior staff of the education department attended the workshop. The programme was organised by NPT in collaboration with Punjab Education Department. Speaking on the occasion, Majid Nizami said India is building 62 dams on our rivers thus turning them into streams and posing threat to Pakistan. He said Pakistan's missiles and bombs are superior to India. Mehmood Ghaznavi and Shahabuddin Ghori conquered India in the past and if we did not prepare ourselves, it will be endanger our security. He said acceptance of the concept that Muslims and Hindus are one nation would also threaten our integrity. That is why NPT is proliferating ideological education at all levels. He was of the view that the Indians would understand only after strikes. It had deployed 0.7 million troops in Kashmir because Kashmiris wanted annexation with Pakistan. He said there should be cordial relations with neighbours but if the neighbour was an enemy, it was difficult to maintain such relations. Maintaining that it was not extremism, Majid Nizami said enforcement of Sharia in Swat was not possible without the extremist view and one must strictly follow the Islamic tenets. People could easily spend their lives even today in accordance with Sharia as Islam was a universal and comprehensive religion and a complete way of life practicable for all ages. Majid Nizami said education must be top priority. He urged the participants to cooperate with NPT in educating the new generation on Pakistan ideology and ultimately the rulers will mend their ways. He said Pakistan was not created for the landlords and capitalists, which sadly, was still not a country for common man. Those who argue why Pakistan was created, should study the plight of Muslims in India, he added. Majid Nizami said, "I am proud of being an ordinary worker of Pakistan Movement. Dr Rafique Ahmad, who possessed the title of Mujahid-e-Pakistan, Dr Javed Iqbal and I have witnessed the making of Pakistan, which is the second ideological state after state of Madina". He said the Quaid never stated that Pakistan would be a secular state. In fact, he was of the view that it would be an experiment for enforcement of Islam, which would surely succeed. He said Pakistan should be an Islamic, democratic and welfare state. Pakistan was separated into two because of military rule as there were no Bengalis in the armed forces. They thought they would never be in power and hence separated apart, he added. He also paid rich tributes to Shaheed Ghulam Haider Wyne for initiating projects like AKTP, Bab-e-Pakistan and Aiwan-e-Quaid-e-Azam. Speaking on the occasion, Justice (r) Dr Javed Iqbal said for us ideology means Islamic Ideology or Pakistan ideology. It should be a part of curriculum so that the students could play their role for solidarity and reconstruction of Pakistan. He also stressed the need of providing equal opportunities to the rich and poor. Dr Rafique Ahmad said there was no adequate arrangement for ideological education in Punjab and NPT was playing its role amicably. Additional Secretary Punjab for Higher Education Syeda Farrukh Zohra Gilani said the government would cooperate with NPT for ideological education. Chief Coordinator NPT Mian Aziz ul Haq Qureshi, Prof Mohammad Muzaffar Mirza and Secretary NPT Shahid Rashid also addressed the audience.